Jay Industries is founded on superior domain expertise of distributing consumer goods for over 40 years. The founder-visionary, Anand Thakkar, has built distribution for leading brands – global and India.

With his proven track record of getting superior products to the right mix of consumer segments, Anand-bhai, as he is fondly called, is translating his “distribution-wisdom” into manufacturing of high fidelity stationery products.

Jay Industries leverages Anand-bhai’s deep wisdom in designing & manufacturing of multiple types of office stationery. In a short span of time since founding, Jay Industries has already built trust in key markets of Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Anand-bhai firmly believes that competition is irrelevant if innovation & affordable price points are matched to meet the end users’ needs. Mere price wars do not build sustainable business models.

The vision is to be the most innovative office stationery player with a global footprint by combining global trends with local adaptations.

QAP – Quality at Affordable Prices – is the mantra Jay industries lives by.

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